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I started going to Dr. Lay's office after a major trauma accident 2 years ago. My post-trauma doctors told me "sorry but your accident was bad, so yep it's gonna hurt." Physical therapy didn't relieve the pain. I had all but given up on functioning normally until a friend suggested I switch from another chiropractor's office (that didn't offer soft tissue therapy OR accept insurance) to San Jacinto Chiropractic.

Visiting Dr. Lay's office gave me hope that I could feel normal again. One of his massage therapists has a trauma story similar to mine, and continues to be a friendly mentor. Dr. Lay always had my back (ha! pun intended) when my insurance company told me I was using too many visits. With soft tissue therapy and chiropractic adjustments, and thorough but easy-to-understand explanations, I could not recommend this place highly enough for their competence, friendliness, and good results.

This isn't your typical spa massage, so yeah there are times when it's going to hurt. That means it's working.

I don't mean to sound over-dramatic, but SJC gave me hope in one of the darkest times in my life. They're effing good at what they do. If you need a chiropractor, go see Dr. Lay! This isn't a cold & formal doctor's office. The people here care about you as a person and doing a good job for you.--Tayna G.

• I have been a patient of Dr. Lay's for the past 15 years, and have gotten only the best and caring treatment available.  He and his staff have been spot on when dealing with my many and varied ailments.  The experience has been professional and friendly. Thank you for being there for me. As a professional in the fitness industry, I am quite aware of my needs, and appreciate the knowlegable treatment plan that you have me follow.—Rebecca B.

• Dr. Lay and his staff were friendly and knowledgeable, and were particularly good at putting me at ease.  I had never been to a chiropractor before, and was somewhat apprehensive.  I have several doctors in my family and circle of friends, and usually turn to them for any sort of advice or help.  I had a nagging pain in my right hamstring and hip, and couldn't point to any specific injury.  I am a runner and thought that maybe I pulled a muscle or something like that.  Dr. Lay put me through battery of tests, identified what he believed to be a muscle imbalance, and got me started from there.  The initial massages were great, and the adjustment was minor and quick.  A prescription of exercises and therapy then followed.  I had (2) follow up visits that included the same routine as before, and was then told that my treatments were complete.  I found the charges to be very reasonable.  What was most meaningful to me was that Dr. Lay treated my problem in only a few sessions, and did not attempt to subject me to anything I did not need.  This speaks volumes to me regarding his professionalism, and desire to treat me fairly.  I would recommend Dr. Lay to anyone who asked me about seeking a good chiropractor.—Brian C.

• Located downtown in the Jimmy Johns building (Congress and 9th), they are always quick and efficient (I never have to wait, ever), they remember me by name and go above and beyond in service and treatment.

I have been going here for 1.59 years, and I love it (obviously, or I would be seeing someone else).

Dr. Lay helped me get a much needed surgery by writing a letter to the insurance company. Wouldn't have been possible without him!

All the masseuses are great too-

I consider going here not only physical therapy, but also mental because they let me talk their ears off and they laugh at my jokes.

I recommend this office without hesitation.—Ashley C.

• Lifesaver! Twisted my back and got in to see Dr. Lay right away. Amazing massage therapy and then a perfect adjustment. They took my insurance and I was all set in under an hour. Great, great, great!—David G.

• I used to work in the same building as San Jacinto Chiropractic & started going to Dr. Jim Lay several years ago after a car wreck.  It's a pleasure it is just to walk in there.  Everyone there is friendly & caring.  Dr. Lay is the best chiropractor I've ever been to.  He's got a very gentle touch, not like some of the brutes I've seen in the past.  The massage beforehand is an awesome perk!  If you feel even slightly out of whack, go see Dr. Lay!  I walk out feeling taller & energized every time.  Did I mention he accepts insurance?  Whew!—Karen R.

Dr. Lay is the best chiropractor I've found in Austin. He and his office are friendly and welcoming. He was able to get to the bottom of my back and neck problems and clearly explain the causes, as well as, how the adjustments work. His massage therapists are also the best around. The proof is in the results. If you are experiencing pain, I highly recommend Dr. Lay.--Nate W.

• Dr. Lay's office is really great. They are incredibly friendly, try their best to squeeze you into their schedule and take the time to listen and determine your needs. Their offices are conveniently located downtown with paid parking. They accept insurance which is a huge plus.--Michella

• I LOVE them!  First let me say that your adjustment comes with a rub down which seems to make all the adjusting go much smoother.  My back has a spring that I thought was done sprung!  They are very flexible (pun intended) with what you need and how you need to get it done. Thanks for helping me get over the "hump".—Zoey F.

• All I have to say is that Dr. Lay is a miracle worker!!  I threw my back out on one of my trips to the gym while doing a back workout.  I could hardly get in and out of my car to get in to see him.  Man, I was in bad shape.  I got a nice 20-30 min. massage to start out with and an assessment from Dr. Lay.  He would not even touch my back without sending me to go have an MRI done to see if he was about to do more damage than good.  Once he had information from the x-rays he started to fix me up.  It took several visits to get me back to normal.  He is happy to fit you in at a moments notice and the staff there are awesome as well.  Nice clean office and free parking along with the fact that he accepts insurance are all pluses in my book.  I go in for a tune-up now and then and feel like a new man when I do.  Highly recommended!—Brian Weimann

• Just went to San Jacinto Chiropractic and met Dr. Jay Lay. I felt terrible before I went in.... Complete body ache from the neck down. Jay cured me ... I feel great now. No more pain !!—Joe M.

• I am writing this solely to review Dr. Jim Lay. I feel so grateful to him for his excellent care, affordable pricing and kindness that I feel the least I can do is tell people about how awesome he and his staff are. The staff are all really nice and will answer all of your questions and explain the whole process to you. And unlike other offices, they can try and fit you in on the same day you call.  It's clear Dr. Lay really cares about helping people and they are willing to work with you on price. For an impoverished student, that's really important. Despite my bad back, I wasn't sure I could afford chiropractic care since my insurance won't cover it. I can't tell you how much better my back feels.

Three comments:
First, if you tell Dr. Lay that you hurt your back a year ago and didn't really do anything about it, he will give you a blank stare that conveys his patience, disappointment and makes you feel like an idiot. Apparently after suffering a mild back injury you shouldn't ignore it until it becomes debilitating. You can tell that curing back pain is really important to him, after all he's made it his career.
Second, I learned that any level of dehydration contributes to back pain on my first visit. Drink up! I'm chronically dehydrated and it has not helped my back. This is an easy, cheap way to help yourself even before you see Dr. Lay.
Third, this hardly needs to be mentioned but follow all the instructions Dr. Lay and his staff give you. He's spending his time to fix your back and you are spending money.

Dr. Lay and his staff are amazing. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking chiropractic care.—Chelsea C.

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  • "Lifesaver! Twisted my back and got in to see Dr. Lay right away. Amazing massage therapy and then a perfect adjustment. They took my insurance and I was all set in under an hour. Great, great, great!"
    David G.

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